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    The classic product of the “Kokuryu (Black Dragon)” series is this top-notch “dragon” rice wine. It is a perfect mixture of the flavor of Daiginjyo (40%) - made from the Yamada Nishiki sake rice - and the deep and mellow taste brought by low-temperature aging technique unique to “Kokuryu”. The aging technique for brewing wine is also used a lot during the process. Its top note is magnificent. With the integration of the refreshing flavors of various fruits such as apple, peach, pineapple and strawberry with the liquor aroma, the rice wine is one that you would not forget.


    In Heisei 28 (2016), the liquor won the “Gold Award” for the 9th consecutive year at the National New Sake Appraisal contest. To commemorate this honor, the award-winning liquor is sold as a limited edition. It boasts magnificent Daiginjo fragrance and soft, smooth taste. Please enjoy the fine aroma and flavor unique to the Shizuku sake which is brewed with sophisticated techniques.


    [Slow-dining Japan, 2016 National Hot Sake Competition, High-end Hot Sake Types, Top Award-wining Sake] After the selection and careful milling of freshly harvested sake rice, the rice is then brewed in cold winter with water from natural underground wells into Junmai Daiginjo, which preserves the uniqueness of the sake rice and possesses rich, fragrant aroma.


    The fine luxury of sake (33%) is made from Yamada Nishiki, the top sake rice produced in Hyōgo Prefecture. Careful preservation of Junmai Daiginjo that is brewed by brewers with great efforts in severe cold under low temperature allows it to age in a gradual manner. The liquor is fragrant, mild and refreshing with rich and mellow taste. It is a perfect match to delicate dishes such as white meat, sashimi and stewed seasonal vegetables.


    Hand-brewed highest-quality Otokoyama In 1977, the sake, representing Japanese liquor, won the top award at Monde Selection for the first time. During the following 40 years, it has won this award for many times and brought home many top awards at liquor competitions at home and abroad. It is the perfect representative for this cellar’s Junmai Daiginjo. The top Yamada Nishiki sake rice produced in Hyōgo Prefecture is milled to 38%; more than half of the brewing process such as rice-washing, rice-steaming, yeast-making is manually done: all these create its finest flavor. Please enjoy the mild, refined aroma and the light, finest taste.


    Made from the ingredient of pesticide-and-pollution-free rice that is cultivated under contract, “Galaxy Railroad” only uses the center of extra-large rice grains. Primary fermentation is conducted under low temperature during brewing, after which, quality fermented glutinous rice is selected. The rice is then put into bags which have been under constant sun exposure to collect dripping filter liquor, which is to age under lower temperature. Crowned as the nobility among Japanese liquor, the rice wine has rich aroma and mellow taste.


    The sake rice used for this Daiginjo is all Yamada Nishiki, which is milled to 50%. The features of the rice and the low-temperature fermentation technique create its unique aroma.


    “Yume Wa Masayume (Dreams Come True)” is one the fine liquor typical of “Born”. Like “Wing of Japan”, the liquor uses the Yamada Nishiki sake rice cultivated under contract in “Super A” areas of Hyōgo Prefecture with the rice-milled ratio of 35%. With ingredients of 1 ton, it takes 5 years for the liquor to age in order to have the rich Junmai Daiginjo fragrance. The temperature for aging is -8 °C, even lower than that for brewing. With its touching aroma, it is the best liquor to drink “when you dreams come true” or “when you pray for your dreams to come true”, hence the name.


About Rakuya

Established in 2013 under Wish Bon Development Limited, Rakuya Food Limited is mainly engaged in agency, distribution, import and export of global comprehensive food materials and alcoholic beverages.

By close cooperation with producers and suppliers, Rakuya Food Limited purchases all the goods directly from places of origin and thus makes all of its goods traceable. Besides, due to strict control on production, logistics, storage and other key links by its purchasing specialists, Rakuya Food Limited can supply high quality and competitive goods on a long-term and stable basis.

Up to now, Rakuya Food Limited has gained exclusive agency and distribution rights of several famous wine brands and sells more than 600 kinds of alcoholic beverages, including Japanese Sake, Shochu, Awamori, Umeshu, Liqueur, wine, beer and spirit; it also provides a series of high quality food materials to the catering industry at reasonable prices; meanwhile, by bringing its own brands and agency brands into the consumption market of Mainland China, it has become one of the largest importers and distributors of Japanese alcohol in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao.

In the future, Rakuya Food Limited will continue to provide a series of high-quality and cost-efficient global food materials and alcoholic beverages to wholesalers of catering industry, restaurants, hotels, department stores and chain catering groups.

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